SC2 Betting at eSport-betting

If you watch as much Starcraft II as I do, I’m sure you would like to find a way to use your knowledge outside of the game. I am convinced that RTS-games like Starcraft enhances your strategic mind which are good in many life-situations. However you probably have a lot of experience and knowledge in terms of the game Starcraft itself, the professional players, the meta-game, match-ups and map balance.

This knowledge can of course be used well in betting. As long as you take the betting serious, with proper bankroll management and making informed bets when the odds do not look correct, you can make money. There are several bookmakers that offers odds on eSports and Starcraft 2 in particular. If you research where you find the best odds you can create an account and get a deposit bonus. After that you just monitor the odds and look for matches that are miss-priced. If the odds on a good player looks attractive at a given point you place a bet. Remember, you only have to bet at the matches where you know you have an edge! In the other cases, wait, other opportunities will come! To keep evolving in your Starcraft 2 betting you should really record statistics of your bets with a tool like excel or an eSports betting tracker.

The site is great if you want to bet on SC2. They have reviews over all the bookmakers, what odds and bonuses they offer and how secure they are. In addition to that the homepage have a eSports betting tracker which is awesome in terms of keeping statistics. You can also watch live streamed games from twitch over there or join a Starcraft 2 Fantasy betting league. They also provide calculators for calculating what rake or bookmaker margin a bookmaker takes out on a specific eSports market, or if you would like to see the odds in percentage of winning instead. As you understand this site is a great resource for SC2-fanatics who wants to use their knowledge to become successful eSports bettors.