There are tons of good Starcraft 2 resources out there on the internet whether you want to evolve your own SC2 game, watch professionals battle it out in huge eSports events, learn more about eSports in general or use your current eSports knowledge to earn some money or skins on Starcraft betting. Below is a compiled list of some of my favorite resources.


eSportbetting is a great source for becoming a pro SC2 bettor. It has great reviews over all available bookmakers, their odds and bonuses. They also provide a betting tracker which is great for you to keep track of your results. In addition to that the betting tracker lets you analyze your data so you can evolve and become a better bettor. If you use it well there is a very good chance you can become a winning player. I myself have beaten the bookmakers with around 4% ROI (Return on investment) over 3700 bets. That might not sound as that much but it actually builds up to a nice sum.

Twitch is a great site that have taken over the livestream market for gamers. A couple of years ago there were several competitors like ustream,, livestream and others. They all suffered some quality aspects though. To stream in good quality you had to pay and the free versions where not very good. Even if you paid for you account it was sometimes a bit laggy. What twitch has done so good now is that they offer good streaming capabilities for free, for all users, in HD! In addition to that they offer a channel specific chat and user to channel subscriptions which makes it possible to earn some money while streaming. This have led to better produced content by the streamers, which in the end, favors us who likes to watch streams.


Liquidpedia is a Starcraft 2 Wiki by the famous starcraft organization Team Liquid. It is very well updated and the maintenance is great. At liquidpedia you can find a lot of information about the games in regarding to how the units work, their strenghts and weaknesses as well as patch notes and changes to game. It offers information on every aspect of the game. Game units, maps, professional players and teams, tournaments and leagues and so on. A great resource overall!


Gosugamers is also a very good resource in terms of Starcraft 2 news about players, tournaments and eSports in general. They also provide ranking and match reports which are great if you are into betting. These kind of stats can be very useful if you want to become professional.


Aligulac is a rather new Starcraft II resource and have very cool data statistics about pro gamers. It even has a predict function which lets you choose two players and their system will give you an estimated winning percentage for each player. I’m not sure how accurate it is but it is a cool site no doutb!